Activision partners with Web Wise Kids. Making the world a better place.

Web Wise Kids‘ are a group with a goal to make the internet a better place and that’s just bloody super. Their primary goal is to educate parents, family’s and children with the ins and outs of the internet, the difference between a ‘pwn’ and ‘pwnzors’.

Who better to side with than family loving, warm and snuggly Activision?

The primary goal of this partnership is to “keep kids safe online and promote good digital ethics.”

President of Web Wise Kid, Judi Westberg Warren said,

” We are committed to delivering the most engaging simulated, experiential learning
games to teach Internet safety to youth and are thrilled at the opportunity of working together.”

Although she’s fighting a losing battle, it’s nice to see someone with their heart in the right place.

Now guys, I must  be going. I’ve got weed callsigns and penis shaped clantags to make

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