Ex EA Dev:”Old Republic will be one of the greatest failures in the history of MMOs”

The world of MMO’s has been (and probably always will be) dominated by Blizzard. Again and again we see developers take a stab at the market only to be reduced to nothing or, at the most, a niche audience.

Warhammer online shared the same fate as those before it, having 500,000 users registered at launch. Since then, that number has dwindled to nothing more than a niche.

An anonymous, now ex EA employee has blogged about how and why Warhammer Online failed as well as why The Old Replublic will share the same fate. Of course we must take the comments with a pinch of salt, but that doesn’t make some of  these comments sting any less.

” Old Republic will be one of the greatest failures in the history of MMOs from EA. Probably at the level of the Sims Online. We all know it too ……”

Industry icons like Paul Barnett, Jeff Hickman are all called out as well as the ‘real’ reason Mark Jacobs was fired. He goes on to address the lack of support from EA upon the games release;

“We could not even believe how bad they fucked up the marketing campaign. There was almost none. We slaved for years, and this is how we were rewarded for it by Eugene and the people of EA? Being told that Warhammer was not “worth” a lot of money spent on it? LOL. Now he’s in charge of Bioware Mythic.”

The MMO industry is rough, hell, the industry as whole is rough. It’s obvious that people are going to be pissed off if they lose their especially when they feel they are victim to a larger organizations incompetences. As November approaches, I think these types of blogs will become much more common.

Our blogger is still an employee at EA until sometime in November.

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9 Responses to Ex EA Dev:”Old Republic will be one of the greatest failures in the history of MMOs”

  1. plmko says:

    So he’s saying that the failure of Warhammer online will happen to the Old Republic?

    Obviously he doesn’t realise how big Star Wars is and how popular the Old Republic series is. Hell Star Wars Galaxies was pretty big with next to no marketing.

    • Thanks for the comment plmko! It’s going to be interesting when it finally rolls around how the WoW and other MMO communities will react.

    • Wobbles says:

      You say that like Warhammer fantasy doesnt have a large fanbase. It’s not as big as Star Wars ofcourse, but still..

      Dunno how many other warhammer fans think the same way but the main thing I dislike about warhammer online:
      I believe it’s ripping off WOW that’s based on the games that ripped off Warhammer fantasy (warcraft orcs and humans etc). It’s like they turned the game into a cartoon! Theres no blood and it’s not scary either!

    • kop says:

      if game will be shit people will leave STWOR as well. dont fool yourself.

  2. Mikaeru says:

    I was in Warhammer Beta and played it a while after release. I was in an earlier phase of SW:TOR beta (they roll over testers a lot, to get more feedback and so they don’t spoil the game for beta users), but I have to say, they are nothing alike in the way they play or feel or anything of the sort.

    Without talking about anything that would breach the game testers agreement, I’ll just say that SW:TOR feels more like an MMO Mass Effect with lightsabers than it does a WoW clone. It doesn’t play like a WoW clone, and there-fore doesn’t need to worry about direct competition. One could easily play both for the different experiences they offer. Warhammer was a WoW clone and I’m here to say, it was and is not as good as WoW. Apples and Oranges my dear disgruntled former EA employee. Apples and Oranges, and I’ve got the playtesting experience to back my claim up on both sides, WAR and TOR.

    I cannot stress highly enough, people have no idea how much story-based awesome is in store for them when they get their hands on SW:TOR. The game is going to definitely break the mold for MMOs, and that is all that is needed for them to find both financial and critical success. Remember, that’s what is important, not having more subs than WoW.

    Once Bioware gets it’s foot in the water, they can decide if it’s worth it to go for a swim, i.e, expansion packs and content updates, or sink, and let TOR become a multiplayer KOTOR, which you can get to the end of and be done with. The vanilla game itself however, is good enough to be sold as a single player game and sell just fine.

    Mark my words, this guy is wrong. SW:TOR is unique enough with it’s impacting story that it will find itself likened to ME and KOTOR and succeed long before it has the chance to die as another WoW clone.

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