Day [9] Donate Day

If you play (or have played) Starcraft, Brood war or Starcraft II  and haven’t heard of Day [9] you’re a terrible person and I hate you. Here is a link to the plethora of content he produces for the SCII community  It takes a ton of dedication and guts to put yourself out there on the internet, let alone put a face behind your content.

Pulling over 11,000 viewers for his ‘Fun day Monday’ cast there is definitely a large following of internet nerds who can’t get enough of his cleaver thinking and humor behind the game.

Some people over at reddit have decided that it’s time that we give back to Sean Day [9] Plott by organizing a mass donation for his 200th episode.Being a college/university student myself I know how hard it can be living week to week on rent. Anything we give will count.

Here’s the link to his donations page so get down there and put in a dollar or two. The internet is a great source of free content but this kind of commitment shouldn’t go unnoticed.

So when do we donate? There are a few complications as to when we should donate which are a little confusing on the Reddit article so I’m going to do my best to summarize.

-Mlg is interfeering

-He doesn’t want to postpone funday Monday for next week.

So, if we could all try to mass-synchronize-donate on the 10/21/10 for the real 200th daily that would be fantastic!

If you don’t get all teary watching the “My life of Starcraft” daily, you have no soul.

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